Lorna Bright and the Cosmic Coalition For Modern Evolution

Discover how you can connect sacred values with inspired action and become part of the solution!



October 16 – 28, 2018



Day 1 – Tuesday, October 16

Kick Off with host, Lorna Bright

Being A Voice For Positive Change

Day 1 – Tuesday, October 16

Bishop Yvette Flunder

Bringing Systemic Change Through Radical Inclusivity


Day 2 – Wednesday, October 17

Dr. Petra Weldes

Breakdown Before Breakthrough

Day 3 – Thursday, October 18

Dr. Liz Philipose

Elevating The Human Condition With Spiritual Possibilities

Day 4 – Friday, October 19

Rev. David Ault

Standing Guard For Those Most Vulnerable

DAY 5 – Saturday, October 20

Tracy Brown

The Intersection of Diversity & Spirituality

DAY 6 – Sunday, October 21

Halina Goldstein

Accessing Our Fundamental Capacity For Joy

DAY 7 – Monday, October 22

Rev. Audrey Addison Williams

Telling Our Story In Our Own Voice


DAY 8 – Tuesday, October 23

Jacquie Forde

Helping High-Level Politicians Access
Their Innate Wisdom

DAY 9 – Wednesday, October 24

Marilyn Nyborg

Sacred Activism For Women

DAY 10 – Thursday, October 25

Karen Drucker

What Lights You Up?

DAY 11 – Friday, October 26

Dr. Janet Smith Warfield

Being Bold & Courageous At Any Age

DAY 12 – Saturday, October 27

Dr. Jim Lockard

Being Compassionate & Considerate in Complex Times

DAY 13 – Sunday, October 28

Akuyoe Graham

Unmasking Your Authentic Voice

Day 13 – Sunday, October 28

Closing Remarks by host, Lorna Bright

How It Works

Thank you for making the choice to be a voice for positive change! The first step is to accept your invitation and then lets schedule a time to do the interview.

Together we can determine the best way to share your unique message during the telesummit. The recorded interview will be conducted by phone and will be 30 minutes to one hour in length.

My team will also need your photo, bio and title which will be added to the main website for the online event.

The Be The Voice of Positive Change Telesummit

begins on October 16, 2018 and runs

through October 28, 2018.

The Be The Voice of Positive Change Telesummit
begins on October 16, 2018 and runs
through October 28, 2018.

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